When I started this adventure of reengineering my health three years ago, I wasn’t looking to increase my testosterone and wasn’t even worried about it. I was just feeling “off” and knew I needed to change what I was doing to get healthier, stronger, and better prepared for the challenges of life. My preliminary results were so amazing that my friends and coworkers asked to join me. Yet one by one, they stopped improving themselves and went back to their bad habits and quick fixes despite witnessing a transformation right in front of them!

They now are in worse places health-wise whereas now I have half the body fat I once did, am much healthier, and I am achieving feats of strength and endurance I once thought impossible.

But I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours building this site all because one person actually joined me on this adventure…my father.

In his late 50s, after having three stents put into his heart due to severe cardiovascular disease he could have just sat on the sidelines of life.  I mean there’s nothing an older man can do when they have to deal with both age related testosterone decline and cardiometabolic disease, right?

Wrong. Instead he saw what I was doing and wanted in.

I forgot to mention a couple things. My father is a physician and scientist, and an excellent one at that. And I work in biotechnology, in a very unique position where I have to carefully understand diseases from the patient level to a molecular level, review scientific evidence, and guide business decisions worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

So together we’ve spent the past three years systematically addressing the root causes of our poor health and I have been documenting the scientific evidence that supports WHY these changes work and are so important to achieving optimal health (and testosterone levels). It’s because of the successes on both ends of the spectrum, me, a man in his early 30s when the decline is supposed to begin and my father, man in his 60s when the decline is supposed to have already happened that I am making the effort to share this information with those motivated enough to ACT on it. I’m convinced that this approach is not only achievable, but critically important for any man that wants to take control of his life, health, and testosterone level.

To your success,



One thing you'll notice is my use of historic statues on the web site as my "models." I did this because of the dirty secret of today's fitness models. Most of them use illegal anabolic steroids. Therefore, most of the male images we see in the modern media and advertisements are of a completely unrealistic and artificial male physical standard.

On Testosterone Answers, I wanted to give you a break from this bombardment and share with you a return to the classic, proportionate male figure that we can all attain with some work and discipline.