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The first step is changing how we think about testosterone

We need to stop thinking about testosterone in isolation as the cause of poor health when it’s low and like a drug you can take and everything will be better. This is marketing to make guys think they need an injection or gel or herbal supplement for the rest of their life. It’s also tremendously disempowering, marketers are trying to convince us that we are not in control of the very substance that defines our manhood.

Screw that. Here’s a new approach on how to think about testosterone based on overwhelming scientific evidence.


Testosterone levels are an indicator of overall health

Your testosterone level has a bi-directional relationship with your health status, i.e. it can be both a cause and effect of poor health. Some health problems cause low testosterone and low testosterone cause some health problems, but in almost all cases it’s both. For the vast majority of us, we can achieve the optimal testosterone level that nature intended us to have by systematically addressing the root causes of our overall poor health, one by one.

To put it even more simply, think of your optimal testosterone level as a reward from your body and mind for treating it right. Focus on improving your health and you will increase your testosterone level.

What's holding you back... from achieving your full potential?

If you have any of the following:

Stress, Excess fat or a “beer belly,” Poor diet, Vitamin deficiency, Poor hydration, Don’t get enough sleep, Don’t consistently strength train, Drink often or do drugs, Don’t sprint or do high intensity exercises, Don’t do activities that challenge you and takes you outside of your comfort zone, Don’t walk or sit with optimal posture everyday, Constantly regret your decisions, Are always worried about the future, Don’t assert yourselves to others, Hate your job, Don’t have a healthy relationship with your significant other, or Have a negative attitude or surround yourself with negative people…

… your testosterone is much, much lower than it should be. Each of these things negatively affects your testosterone in a major way, even the ones you might consider to be “mental” or “emotional.” And how many of us don’t have just one but many of these issues?

The fantastic thing, is that if you identify and change even just one major issue you have from the above list, you can dramatically raise your testosterone levels bringing you much closer to your genetic optimal while building momentum for further improvement in your health and life.

Don’t get me wrong; there are some unfortunate guys that have low testosterone due to actual dysfunction in the testes, HPA axis, or other physiological causes that need to be primarily addressed with a medical intervention. However, this is not the 97% majority of men with lower than optimal testosterone. And these natural approaches can also help those unfortunate few in conjunction with their physician recommended therapies.