The Mindset Needed For Success And How To Get It

If you haven’t read the previous posts: The Real Reasons For Low Testosterone, The #1 Testosterone Booster Side Effect,  and Why Most Testosterone Programs Don’t Work, please do so first. If you are really serious about optimizing your testosterone write down the answers to the questions those posts prompt.

From those posts you should have wrote down the outcome you want to achieve by increasing and optimizing your testosterone, how it will change your life, and how you will feel about this change.

Take a look at these now.

Did you know, we all possess something that when combined with proper knowledge and the right tools will help you achieve this?

You’ll be able to transform your body, mind, and testosterone level to your genetic best.

What if I also told you it’s free? Have you guessed what “it” is?


People often confuse motivation and discipline. Right now, I know you are motivated to increase your testosterone and change your life because you’re reading this!

But motivation can easily be lost when pressures of work, family…and life in general mount up. When this motivation is lost, it is self-discipline that keeps you moving forward to achieve the outcome you desire.

It means saying “NO” to others and being an advocate of yourself. It means not giving in to the short-term pressures and staying focused on YOUR long-term goal when everyone else is trying to influence you to join THEM to feel good now. It means signing up for a future of unknown challenges.

Many men find this scary because of self-limiting beliefs.

They make excuses to delay…and wait…and see if someone else is able to achieve the goal. By the time there is proof that it is possible, they have gotten so good at making excuses they find one to never even start.

And so they stay in their comfort zone and stagnate.

If you take anything away from these emails:

  • Please remember, the defining trait of a successful man is discipline.
  • Discipline unlocks ability.
  • Ability leads to achievement.
  • Achievement leads to experience.

This experience can then be applied to the next application of discipline in the face of a new challenge and goal. It builds on itself, and so on…

…and that is how you become your best self.

But it all starts with discipline.

Do you. Right now. Commit to being disciplined, so you can become a better man?

Write your commitment down. In the same place you wrote the outcome you want to achieve and the other notes.

Congrats, this commitment will help you implement the Testosterone Answers Big Four lifestyle improvements and ultimately be successful in transforming yourself.

It separates you from the millions of men that, this year alone, will fail to take control of their health and lives…all because they lack discipline.

Read what you wrote again every morning, it now contains the factors currently negatively affecting your life, the outcome you wish to achieve, what will be different in your life when you achieve this outcome, how you’ll feel about these new changes in your life and how you’ll achieve all this by remaining disciplined.

Reflect on this and stay tuned, check out the final post in this introductory series where we lay out the battle plan on how we are going to fix the “Big Four” and becomes our best selves.

You’ll also receive a personal invitation from me to obtain the single best guide on specific implementation strategies and tactics to ensure your success.

Congratulations again.


P.S There’s always that one guy that want to get ahead of the curve. If you’ve read all the posts in this introductory series, I’m going to recommended Strong Medicine as the guide to transform your Big Four and turn you into a healthy powerhouse. This is a nuts and bolts, implementation book. No fluff, all the information you need to know and how to take action.

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