The Need For Testosterone Answers

The Need For Testosterone Answers

As a man who just entered his early thirties, I've spent time reflecting on myself, who I am, and where I'm going. A key component of this has been evaluating my strengths and weaknesses, and improving what I can change. Quite accidentally, while improving my fitness I realized that vitally important to the success of all these efforts is maintaining and perhaps even increasing my testosterone level naturally.


Testosterone Answers was started because as a businessperson working in the pharmaceuticals industry I understand the tactics used to sell drugs and supplements to consumers. While doing research for myself, I realized that most testosterone information sites are simply fronts to try and sell you various testosterone boosters or other testosterone supplements. I don't need to make money from this site, so if something doesn't work, is downright dangerous, or just plain B.S., I'll be honest and say so.


While some guys have low testosterone for valid medical reasons (i.e. their testicles don't work properly!) and need a physician's help (See Low Testosterone Causes) the majority of us have testosterone levels that are much, much lower than our genetically optimal levels due to lifestyle and environmental factors. This is actually good news, because there are many things we can do to change to increase testosterone. By raising our testosterone naturally, from the inside out, we can get all the benefits of increased testosterone without the side effects of taking prescription drugs and become stronger and live better.


This is what Testosterone Answers is all about, giving you the information and tools needed to achieve your natural testosterone potential.

One of the few pictures of me I'll post, want you to know that I am a real person and want to help you achieve your testosterone potential!

One of the few pictures of me I'll show to prove that I am a real person and want to help you achieve your testosterone potential!


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