Time To Get Started And Optimize Your Testosterone [Special Invitation]

I’m glad you stuck with me this long, your eyes have now been opened to the real state of testosterone today and the unique opportunity to increase and optimize it by making strategic improvements to the Big Four lifestyle factors.

If you are just joining us read and act on these posts first: The Real Reasons For Low Testosterone, The #1 Testosterone Booster Side Effect,  Why Most Testosterone Programs Don’t Work, and The Mindset Needed For Success, please do so. If you are really serious about optimizing your testosterone write down the answers to the questions those posts prompt.

Look at what you wrote down from these posts.

You wrote down the factors that today are negatively affecting your life, the outcome you want to achieve by increasing your testosterone, what will be different in your life when you achieve this outcome, how you’ll feel about these new changes in your life and how you’ll achieve all this by remaining disciplined.

Three years ago, I was a 30 year old who worked 60 hours a week behind a desk at his day job. Needless to say, my Big Four were a complete mess. I knew I had to do something so began experimenting and implementing changes to discover the root causes driving the low testosterone and chronic health issues in modern men.

Because I want to spare you from the trial and errors I endured as well as speed up your success, I was gearing up to write the definitive “how to” guide later this year.

But someone beat me to it.

Strong Medicine (here’s my affiliate link) was published in March 2015, I immediately purchased it and was blown away by how comprehensive it was and effectively covered most of the topics I was planning for my own book. And it wasn’t even a book marketed on how to raise testosterone, though the approach it takes is scientifically proven to dramatically increase testosterone in addition to completely improving your health.

I was pretty bummed at first.

So instead of recreating the wheel, I’ve decided to focus my efforts on helping you implement these changes and troubleshoot any issues as you incorporate them into your daily life.

That’s why Testosterone Answers was created! When your health is not optimal, neither is your testosterone, and neither are you.

You can conquer the Big Four lifestyle factors using Strong Medicine (here’s my affiliate link) as the “textbook” of Testosterone Answers.

I recommend getting both the paperback and the ebook, you can begin reading the ebook immediately but since the lessons skip around and focus on specific sections it will be useful to have a paperback so you can bookmark key sections and take notes. I keep the paperback at home and use the ebook at work and when traveling.


Here’s the plan.

  • Buy Strong Medicine (paperback and ebook) through this link.
  • Each day set aside 20 minutes a day to read. I recommend waking up 25 minutes earlier in the morning, drinking your morning water and eating your high protein breakfast (you’re following the tips in the free ebook I sent you, right?) while reading the assigned pages in Strong Medicine.
  • Be disciplined and implement the recommendations.

I look forward to guiding you on your path to achieve optimal testosterone and health.

To your success,


Founder – Testosterone Answers

Want To Increase Your Testosterone TODAY?

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