The free ebook is designed so you can implement those three simple yet powerful techniques without purchasing anything

It's not some sales pitch.

I do, however, believe in investing in tools that can help you be even more successful. Try out the three techniques, if you need some help implementing, check out the tools in the store (below) and let me know if you have any questions. 

The products below are ones I have personally reviewed, so I have no problem recommending to you. If you buy through my affiliate store, it won't cost you any extra and I’ll get about enough for a cup of coffee to fuel my writing for Testosterone Answers.

Technique 1 : Sit Like A Man

  • Lumolift makes a super discreet posture tracker and app. This is the best posture tool on market. If you work behind a desk...this is life changing. One of TIME magazine’s best inventions of 2014.
  • Alignmed (use promo code: TANOW) makes a great posture shirt. I’m wearing it as I write this at home. It makes a huge difference when I’m working on Testosterone Answers after a long day of work.


Technique 2 : Drink Like A Man

  • Get a stainless steel Klean Kanteen. Mine’s wide mouth and single walled, so I can filter with a bandana and boil to purify when on adventures. If you get a 40 ounce one at the office, it means only one refill about every two hours.
  • For adventures also bring oral rehydration salts (Oral IVs or RecoverORS) and know how to use them to maintain electrolyte levels.


Technique 3 : Eat Like A Man

  • Get some of this whey protein, it’s the one shown to reduce cortisol as well, with no added junk!
  • Eat whole chia seeds and McCann’s quick cooking oats. Both are perfect to give you fiber and sustained energy.
  • NutriBullet is one of the best single serving smoothie blenders: Put your ingredients in, blend, and dash. It’ll take 3 minutes and you’ll have a nutritious, testosterone boosting breakfast you can drink during your commute.