Why Boost Testosterone Naturally?

Why Boost Testosterone Naturally?

Rome wasn't built in one day...Neither is the optimal testosterone level

Rome wasn't built in one day

Listen, I get it. In today's society we're used to everything being easy and instantaneous. Why can't increasing your testosterone be?

...neither is the optimal testosterone level

Because increasing your testosterone using illegal or prescription drugs or herbal supplements makes you dependent on something else. Would you consider someone strong if they had to pay for and were entirely dependent on an outside source for that strength? That's not owning something, it's a lease.

But aren't herbal supplements a natural way to boost testosterone?

No. Let's get this very clear. When we talk about natural ways to increase testosterone at Testosterone Answers we are not talking about herbal supplements. Herbal supplements, though from plants and technically "natural," are supposed to be pharmacologically active i.e. they have drug like properties. Marijuana is "natural" in this regard but you'll agree with me that it is a drug. Because these supplements are not regulated they have very inconsistent quality control and their benefit has limited clinical data. I strongly do not recommend wasting your money (they're also really expensive!) and risking your health.

Vitamin supplements are very different, as certain vitamin deficiencies have a huge impact on testosterone. They're cheap and available at any grocery store. These can be used to fill in any nutritional gaps after you have optimized diet to increase testosterone production.

Increasing Your Testosterone Naturally Ensures You Always Have The Optimal Level

When you're naturally increasing your testosterone you'll always be producing the optimal level of testosterone for any given situation. While the level may fluctuate it will always be at right level for you to perform best in a given situation.  This is the way the human body is meant to work, it adapts constantly to a dynamic environment and stimulation.

When you are taking drugs or herbal supplements, you are raising your testosterone at a constant level. Your body says, "I don't need to produce my own", and shuts off production (a.k.a. turns off your balls and shrinks them). Also, while your testosterone is still raised, it will be raised at a constant level so sometimes there will be much more than is needed for a particular circumstance. This leads to the body increasing the levels of estrogen (the female hormone) to counter balance. It's the reason why body builders taking illegal steroids often develop breast tissue in addition to many other very dangerous side effects!

Give the natural approach a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how effective it can be. And no one can ever take it away from you. Stay tuned as I roll out free recommendations and guidance through this blog and site.

Don't end up "renting" your testosterone from some corporation.


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